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Library Cards And Patron Records

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC Affiliates

  1. A current, valid USC library card is required to check out library material. Your University picture ID is your library card and must be presented when charging out material and when placing/picking up holds. There are no exceptions to this policy. You will be issued a library barcode at the Wilson Dental Library upon presentation of a current University ID. Library cards are valid in the Health Sciences Libraries (Norris Medical Library and Wilson Dental Library) and are good for the length of the academic program (2 or 4 years). Registration for library privileges in the University libraries must be done separately at Leavey Library, Doheny Library, or at any of the other University libraries.
  2. Your library card is for your use only and may not be used by anyone else. Friends, relatives, classmates, etc., cannot use your library card to charge material out of the library for you. Wilson Dental Library staff will not loan out material on your card to anyone other than yourself — even if you have given the person your permission to do so. There are no exceptions.
  3. It is your responsibility to know when materials are due to be returned. You are responsible for all material charged out on your card including lost material and fines for overdue material or late returns. If your library card is lost or stolen, notify the staff at the Loan Desk immediately so that a “stop” can be placed on your card to prevent its illegal use. There is a $5 non-refundable replacement fee for lost/stolen library cards. It is your responsibility to report changes of name, mailing address, or phone number to the library staff in order to update your patron record.
  4. All circulation records and files, including all patron and loan information, are confidential and will not be disclosed to any person without University approval.


BOOKS. Material on the open stacks circulate for either two or four weeks and may be renewed if they are not wanted by another user or the library. If this material is not overdue and it has not been requested by another user, it may be renewed online through your account, in person at the Wilson Dental Library or by phone (213-740-0008). If the material is overdue, it must be renewed in person. (Overnight RESERVE material may not be renewed by phone or online.)

RESERVES & ELECTRONIC RESERVES. Some RESERVE material is for library use only — this includes most audiovisual material including CD-ROM titles. Textbooks are usually on a 2-hour loan during the day and may be charged out of the library for overnight use only after 4:00 P.M. There are no exceptions.

All overnight loans must be returned to the Wilson Dental Library before 10:00 A.M. the next day. (See “Fines” section for information about overdue Reserves.) For most popular textbooks and other printed material, the Wilson Dental Library maintains from 3 to 4 copies on Reserve. Copy 1 of this material is always library use and does not circulate overnight under any circumstances.

Reserve material is not renewable by phone and must be returned to the Wilson Dental Library on or before the due date and time. See RESERVE HOLDS section for information.

Some of the material useful to the curriculum is available to affiliates in the Courseware website (link via the library’s web page or the Ostrow Intranet.)

BOUND AND CURRENT JOURNALS. Bound and current issues of journals are restricted to library use only. Selected dental and medical journals are also available as full-text titles via the library’s Electronic Resources on the web.

REFERENCE MATERIAL. Reference material, such as indexes, dictionaries, etc., is restricted to library use only. Selected dental and medical reference titles are also available online via the library’s Electronic Resources on the web.


PCs are available in the Wilson Dental Library and the Computer Learning Center. All computers have access to word processing programs (Microsoft Word). Users may use their own storage devices or temporarily leave files on the assigned user drives. Laser printing (B&W and color) is available at a nominal per-page fee (print cards may be purchased in the photocopy area of the library). PCs in the Wilson Dental Library are reserved for current Ostrow affiliates and provide access to the School’s instructional programs, library information, catalog, and electronic resources including full-text journals and databases.


Wilson Dental Library book and journal holdings (both print and electronic) are accessible through HELIX, the Health Sciences Libraries online catalog. Ovid, a Web accessible suite of biomedical databases, provides online entry to various National Library of Medicine databases including MEDLINE back to pre-1950s. Ovid and other software suppliers provide access to journals and books, searchable full-text databases consisting of scientific, technical, and medical journals and health sciences books. The University Libraries support a large number and variety of databases that can be accessed by Ostrow affiliates through their Electronic Resources using the library’s computers as well as from wireless devices or home machines.


Two rooms, one seating 6 and the other seating 8 users, are restricted to Ostrow School of Dentistry students, staff, and faculty and are available for group study and multi-media in the Wilson Dental Library. Same-day reservations may be made at the Loan Desk. See library staff for rules and regulations governing the use of the two study rooms.


Every entering student is provided with a free USC computer account which is normally generated prior to their arrival on campus. A computer account is required to access the various network tools and resources. For more information about a computer account please see a member of the library staff.  Students are offered the opportunity to use a Google apps account.


Borrowed library material must be returned directly to the Wilson Dental Library through the book return slot located at the Loan Desk, or at the external book drop located near the center of the Ostrow School of Dentistry when the Wilson Dental Library is closed. Library material returned at any other location or library of the University is the responsibility of the borrower.


Borrowed material must be returned on the due date and time. In addition, students who refuse to return material recalled by the library or which other students have requested may be referred to the Student Ethics Committee for action. Only those absences reported to the Wilson Dental Library by the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs will excuse overdue library material and fines.


Fines are assessed for ALL overdue Reserve material (books, media, test/reading files, group study room keys, computers in the Learning Center, etc.) at the rate of $1.00 per hour for EACH overdue Reserve item (maximum of $20.00 per item). If the fine is paid when the overdue material is returned, AND the material has not been recalled by the Wilson Dental Library (overdue notice sent), AND the material has not been requested by another borrower, AND the maximum fine has not accumulated, the fine is reduced by half. Unpaid fines and other fees may force the library to suspend library privileges. There are no fines for overdue 14-day and 28-day books — however, “Bills for Replacement” for seriously overdue 28-day loan general books will not be excused — this fee MUST be paid.


Same-day holds for overnight use (after 4:00 P.M.) of selected Reserve books may be placed at any time on the day the material is to be borrowed. Reserve holds not picked up by 7:00 P.M. (Monday – Friday) are available to any other Ostrow student on a first come basis.


Holds may be placed on books and other material that is currently charged out of the library. The Wilson Dental Library will notify the requester when the material is returned, and it will be held for you at the Loan Desk for one week.


Photoduplication facilities are available in the Wilson Dental Library for a fee.  All users of this equipment are reminded to follow copyright regulations.


Bibliographic searches of a number of data files, including OvidSP/MEDLINE, are available either as a self-service via the University information service or through the Wilson Dental Librarians.


We recognize that space within the library is limited and expect our users to follow the guidelines we have established for food and environment in our facility.

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