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The following study and review materials are available in the Wilson Dental Library, University of Southern California. These are suggested titles only and in no way does this list constitute an endorsement or validation of the titles or authors. This list represents material that has been used by other individuals preparing to take a licensing examination, specifically the California Dental State Board examination. These titles have been classed LIBRARY USE ONLY in order to provide maximum accessibility to the most people. This means that this material cannot be removed from the Wilson Dental Library under any  circumstances and MAY NOT be photocopied.

When requested by the library staff, FEE CARDHOLDERS using this material must return all borrowed items if needed by a USC student — USC students have priority use of this material.


  1. North East Regional Board (NERB) of Dental Examiners Examination questions and slides (4 copies: 1993 and 1983 and 1 copy 1979): Various slide trays (35mm) and question/answer books. Material dated 1993, 1983 and 1979.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 1993: “Prototype of the written simulated clinical examination: CTP (25 questions and relevant 35mm slides), DOR (30 questions with relevant 35mm slides), and PSE (20 questions with relevant 35mm slides).” 1983: 100 questions in Diagnosis, Oral Medicine, and Radiology (DOR); and 80 questions in Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP): many accompanied by color slides. Official and authoritative compilation of questions and slides used for the North East Regional Board. It is claimed that these questions are similar to the type used for the California Dental State Board examination.
  2. University of Southern California School of Dentistry Self-evaluation filmstrip in clinical oral pathology. (10 copies: 50-slide filmstrip with accompanying answer sheet). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: “This set of [50] slides displays a spectrum of oral pathologic diseases and other conditions which may be representative of material shown on the oral diagnosis and treatment planning portion of the California Dental State Board Examination…these slides may show the same diseases which you will see during the examination.” Authoritative filmstrip developed by the faculty of the Department of Oral Pathology, Ostrow School of Dentistry.
  3. WU 18.2 W87r 1999. Norman K. Wood: Review of diagnosis, oral medicine, radiology and treatment planning.4th ed. C.V. Mosby. (4 copies: 447 pages. 1st ed. 1979, 2nd ed. 1987, and 3rd ed. are also available.). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:”This textbook will prove to be very helpful for senior dental and dental hygiene students (1) to review clinical information in preparation for regional dental examinations or state board examinations or (2) as a self-examination instrument to determine whether they are prepared to begin the practice of dentistry.”  Authoritative text and authors that includes sample questions and answers accompanied by quality photos and radiographs. Test question format with answer key. Subjects reviewed include AIDS and infection control, oral diagnosis, oral medicine, periodontology, prosthodontics, radiology, endodontics, and operative dentistry.
  4. WU 140 O63 1973. Ostrow School of Dentistry Department of Pathology: Oral pathology filmstrips. (15 filmstrips [1165 frames], 35 mm with accompanying syllabus for each filmstrip. Subjects include “Selected benign oral tumors, Fibro-osseous lesions, Odontogenic tumors,” etc.). RECOMMENDED: Useful ancillary visual study aid for oral pathology aspect of the State Board exam.
  5. WU 240 C7191 2005. Herbert F. Wolf: Parodontologie (English) [Color atlas of dental medicine, v.1]. 3rd ed. Georg Thieme Verlag. (2 copies; 532 pages. Also, 1st ed. 1985 and 2nd ed. 1989.). RECOMMENDED: A large, beautifully illustrated color atlas. Extensive use of quality color photographs and charts. Helpful visual aid to periodontal area and review aid for licensing examination.
  6. WU 240 P4456 1998. Myron Nevins, ed.: Periodontal therapy: clinical approaches and evidence of success. Quintessence Publishing. (1 copy; 400 pages.). RECOMMENDED: An extensively illustrated color atlas of periodontal disease treatment by 26 authoritative contributors. Extensive use of quality color photographs. Helpful visual aid to periodontal treatment review for licensing examination.
  7. WU 230 P297 2011. Kenneth M. Hargreaves: Cohen’s Pathways of the pulp. 10th ed. CV Mosby. (4 copies; 952 pages, 134 pages illustrations; previous 9 editions are also available.  Full text available online to USC affiliates).  [Recommend Chp.1, "Diagnostic procedures", Chp.2, "Orofacial dental painemergencies…", Chp 13, "Endodontic microbiology and treatment….", and Chp.16, "Traumatic injuries."]. RECOMMENDED: “…Pathways is built around the belief that accurate diagnosis is the foundation for all effective and successful endodontic treatment….[This book] is offered to dental students as a comprehensive learning tool, and to practicing clinicians as a support intheir continued pursuit of endodontic excellence.” Extensive use of photographs, radiographs, and line drawings. Some color plates. Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  8. WU 230 W423e 2004. Franklin S. Weine: Endodontic therapy.6th ed. Mosby (4 copies; 630 p.). [Recommend Chp.2, "Diagnosis and treatment planning" and Chp.5, "Endodontic emergency treatment."]. RECOMMENDED: “[T]his edition clearly is oriented toward the clinical aspects of endodontic treatment.” Extensive use of Black & White photographs and radiographs.
  9. WU 230 B415e 2000. Rudolf Beer, et al. Endodontology. Thieme (1 copy; 310 pages). RECOMMENDED: “[T]his atlas of endodontology covers a large number of endodontic cases in their entirety through the extensive use of illustrations, and demonstrates the practical interchangeability of the methods presented.” Extensive use of color plates and radiographs.
  10. WU 140 L345e 2003. George Laskaris: Color atlas of oral diseases.3rd ed. Georg Thieme Verlag. (3 copies; 454 pages; 1st ed., 1988 and 2nd ed., 1994 also available.). RECOMMENDED: An English translation from the original Greek. Numerous color photographs. Topics covered include oral lesions (caused by heat, drugs, or chemical agents); periodontal diseases; viral and bacterial infections, neoplasms, etc. Text includes a selected bibliography and index.
  11. WU 140 C384od 2001. Roderick A. Cawson , et al. Color atlas of clinical oral pathology.3rd ed. Mosby. (1 copy; 1st and 2nd ed. also available: WU 140 C384od 1987 & 1994.). RECOMMENDED: “This colour atlas is intended for the use of general and oral pathologists…most of the photomicrographs are accompanied by diagrams to show their salient points so that this atlas should be useful…for reference and review.” Authoritative text with extensive use of color histological slides,  radiographs, and clinical photographs with accompanying text. British bias.
  12. WU 18.2 Z44o 1988. David J. Zegarelli: Oral pathology and oral medicine: a clinical, radiographic and microscopic review.New York Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. (1 copy; 92 pages with 4 microfiche. Also available, 1984 edition, 1 copy; 31 pages with 3 microfiche.). RECOMMENDED: “This is a self teaching aid in clinical, radiographic and microscopic oral pathology and oral medicine. It covers approximately 250 disease entities. It is in both a textbook and question/answer format …[t]here are 336 microfiche frames…the student [must] provide the correct answers to more than 650 questions posed…Each question/answer page corresponds to a series of micr ofiche frames with questions above a horizontal line and the appropriate answers beneath it.” (From the introduction.)
  13. WU 240 E96 1974. Robert W. Parr: Examination and diagnosis of periodontal disease/ produced by the Section on Instructional Systems Design, Division of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, University of California at San Francisco. (2volumes; 4 copies.). RECOMMENDED: Volumes were originally developed “to make general practitioners more `periodontally oriented’, so that they would be more competent in recognizing and dealing with the more common periodontal disease[s] and problems.” Question and answer workbook format with accompanying color and radiographic plates in volume 2.
  14. WU 240 R311 1978. Recognizing periodontal disease/ produced by the Section on Instructional System Design, Department of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, University of California at San Francisco: Praxis Publishing Co., Berkeley, CA. (2 volumes; color plates in volume 2; 4 copies.). RECOMMENDED: Volumes were developed “to provide basic pre-clinicalinstruction that hygienists need in order to provide valuable service of recognizing chronic inflammatory periodontal disease in its early stages.” Fine color plates and radiographs are provided in volume 2.

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