Laptop Security

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To promote security of laptops in the Wilson Dental Library we encourage all students, faculty, and staff who utilize laptops to obtain cable locks to secure their laptop computer.  To help in this effort the Wilson Dental Library has installed lock anchors for laptop security cables to study tables and carrels throughout the facility.

Students, faculty and staff may borrow a security cable lock and key from the Front Desk. To check out a security cable for use in the Library, a USC ID card must be presented.  Loans are per day.  Borrowers are responsible for the full replacement cost, plus a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee, if any parts are lost, stolen or otherwise not returned.  Late return fees are $5.00 per day.

The security cable lock and key set is provided as a courtesy. Please be aware that these loaner cables do not fit all laptops equally well. To insure the safety of your laptop, you should purchase a lock appropriate to your laptop.  Security cables and locks are also available for purchase at the University Bookstore.

Individuals should ensure that their belongings are protected and watched in any public space. You are responsible for the security of your laptop and property. While using a laptop security cable with our laptop lock anchor provides some protection, please keep in mind that leaving any property unattended can lead to opportunistic theft.  To further protect yourself and your property, bring your belongings with you when you leave your study space or ask a trusted friend to watch your belongings.  You should safeguard your property while in this Library as you would in any other public location.

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