Deposit Accounts

Deposit accounts may be established at the Wilson Dental Library to facilitate payment for all fee-based services. Users requesting online literature searches; utilizing the photocopy, FAX, Loansome Doc or interlibrary loan services; or purchasing laser-printing cards will find deposit accounts convenient. Accounts may be set up by individuals, departments, companies or libraries by depositing $100 or more with the Wilson Dental Library. When a fee-based service is utilized, the requester provides his or her name and the deposit account number to be charged for the service. The appropriate amount is then deducted from the account balance. If an account balance reaches zero and an additional deposit is not received within sixty days, the account is considered closed.

Advantages of a Deposit Account. Deposit accounts save time for both requesters and the library by eliminating the need for repeated billing and payment. In the case of computerized database searches for which prepayment is required, deposit accounts allow users to avoid possible delays each time a search is initiated, e.g., most search requests could be accommodated through a simple telephone call.

Establishing an Account. Any individual, business or institution wishing to establish an account should complete a deposit account application. The application provides the library with the address and telephone number of the account holder, and the names of individuals authorized to use the account. Cancellation of an account or modifications to the original application must be made in writing. A minimum deposit of $100.00 must be submitted with the application. Payment may be by check payable to the University of Southern California; purchase order issued to the University of Southern California, Attn: Wilson Dental Library; or USC internal requisition issued to the Wilson Dental Library.

Accounts Set Up by Check or Cash. If an account is established with a check or cash, a deposit account number is assigned to the account for reference purposes. Charges are deducted from the credit balances as they are incurred. If the account holder wishes to close the account, the request must be in writing. Any credit balance will be refunded to the account holder in approximately four weeks.

Accounts Set Up by Requisition. If the deposit account is established with a USC internal requisition, the deposit account number assigned will be the same as the requisition number. An open lien is opened on the University account the requisition is drawn on, and charges are deducted from the open lien on a monthly basis. If the account holder wishes to increase a requisition deposit account, a change order or memo must be submitted to the library. If a requisition deposit account is canceled, the open lien on the University account is closed and any balance is released back into the University account.

Accounts Set Up by Purchase Order. If the deposit account is established with an institutional purchase order the deposit account number assigned will be the same as the purchase order number. The issuing institution is invoiced for incurred charges on a monthly basis. If the account holder wishes to increase a P.O. account, the issuing institution must submit a change order to the library to authorize the increase. The deposit account application/update form is on the Library’s web site. For additional information, call the Wilson Dental Library, (213) 740-6476.

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