Fee Library Cards

Wilson Dental Library fee borrower cards are available to licensed health professionals and to UCLA and Caltech graduate students. Health professionals (including U.S. and non-U.S. dental school graduates, dental hygienists, dental assistants and technicians and individuals in other related health professions and occupations such as physicians, nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and pharmacists) may purchase cards for $60 for six months or $100 for one year. UCLA and Caltech graduate students may obtain library privileges for $25 for six months. Wilson Dental Library membership subscriptions are subject to review and final approval by a librarian.

This fee library card is valid ONLY in the USC Health Sciences Libraries (Wilson Dental Library and Norris Medical Library) and is nontransferable to another individual.

NON-REFUNDABLE fees for individuals are: $60/6 months or $100/year. (UCLA and Caltech graduate students are $25 for six months.)

Application may be made electronically or in person at the Wilson Dental Library Loan Desk. Before a card may be used, two forms of identification must be provided: one must show a photograph of the applicant and the second proof of professional licensure (U.S. or non-U.S.), or professional status, student status, or employment. The library will accept only prepayment by personal check (made out to USC) or cash. The library does not accept credit cards as payment.

Library cards will be sent registered mail to applicants. Borrowing privileges will commence upon receipt of the library card by the applicant. However, material may be used in the library (library-use) before the fee card is received.

Individuals wishing to use any Wilson Dental Library material or collections, including its journal, media and reserve collections (particularly review materials for the State Board), must have a current, valid USC fee library card. A driver’s license or other forms of identification will not be accepted in lieu of a valid USC library card.

Fee card borrowers may be asked to present their fee library cards along with a photo ID each time they check out library materials at the Loan Desk.

USC dental students and faculty have priority of use of library material, specifically reserve material, over fee cardholders. When requested by a library staff member, fee cardholders must return borrowed material when needed by a usc student or faculty member.

Fee cardholders have the following library privileges and responsibilities in the Wilson Dental Library:

  • Fee library card is non-transferable and it, as well as all borrowed library material, cannot be shared with non-library cardholders including friends and relatives. Violation of this policy will result in the revocation of library privileges.
  • Access to the library’s computer hardware and software programs is not included in the wilson Dental library fee-card privileges.
  • Book borrowing for 28 days or 14 days (maximum of 5 books at one time) with 3 allowable renewals (in-person or by phone) providing the material is not overdue or a hold has not been placed.
  • Fee cardholders are not permitted any overdue materials or to accumulate overdue fines, or other library fees. However, if any such fees are assessed they must be paid before any library material can be charged out or renewed. A note will be placed in the patron’s record noting any overdue or fees and the next violation of this policy will result in the forfeiture and revocation of all library privileges. There will be no refund of fees paid for a library card.
  • Access to more than 500 current dental and biomedical journals. For library use only.
  • Access to the Reserve book collection. For library use only.
  • Access to media collection (filmstrips, videocassettes, audiotapes , etc.). For library use only.
  • Maximum 2-hour loan of Reserve material. For library use only.
  • Computerized bibliographic database search services (additional per-use fee).
  • On-demand, in-person or telephone photocopy service (additional per-use fee).
  • The Wilson Dental Library honors current fee library cards issued by the USC Norris Medical Library.

Information concerning application rocedures and specific library privileges for the Norris Medical Library should be obtained from the Norris Medical Library on the USC Health Scences Campus.

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