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Based on its book and journal collections the Wilson Dental Library offers a journal paging, photocopy, and delivery service. Photocopied journal articles are usually made available online, although other delivery arrangements can be made, within twenty-four hours.. A rush service is also offered, through which photocopying is normally completed within five hours. It is preferred that requests be made via our service software: DocRetriever but telephone (Monday through Saturday., (213) 740-8578); in person requests; mail; FAX (213) 748-8565; or email: wdl@usc.edu messages will be accepted.

The photocopy service affords a number of benefits to its users:

  • Time is saved for other activities while journal paging and photocopying are done by library employees.
  • Automatic follow-up searches are made for requested items not found during the initial search. Requesters avoid making repeated trips to the library to look for missing items.
  • No charge is incurred for unfilled requests.

The service operates in the following manner:

  • A requester may
    – submit any number of photocopy requests via DocRetriever, in person, by mail, fax, e-mail.  For USC affiliates links in many of our databases (Find it @ USC) will allow transfer of citation information into DocRetriever program.  Contact Wilson Dental Library with any questions.
    – submit a photocopy request form with a copy of a computer-search printout with the desired articles clearly marked. Individuals submitting more than five requests at a time cannot be guaranteed specific turnaround times.
  • Requests should include complete citation: author, title of article, journal title, volume, year, and pages.
  • The library conducts a thorough search for the journal articles requested.
  • The article is photocopied and, according to the requester’s instructions, is
    – delivered online via DocRetriever,
    – held for pick-up at Wilson Dental Library.
    – mailed to the requester.
    – delivered via FAX.
    – sent via Federal Express (with requester’s account number).
  • Items not found during the initial search are searched again on the following day. If the article is still unavailable, the requester is notified and given the option of canceling the request or extending the fill deadline.
  • Requesters may specify that articles not held by Wilson Dental Library be processed as interlibrary loans.

Charges for the photocopy service are available on the DocRetriever frequently asked questions page

Payment may be made by check payable to the Wilson Dental Library, by USC internal requisition payable to the Wilson Dental Library, or by cash. Charges cannot be canceled once processing has begun. Requesters are encouraged to establish deposit accounts. For additional information, call (213) 740-8578.

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