Room Requests

Two rooms, one seating a maximum of 6 and the other a maximum of 8 users, are available to Ostrow students, staff and faculty only. The rooms are available for group collaboration and multi-media use. Reservations may be made one day in advance; please see the guidelines and restrictions below. Click on

to request a reservation or visit the Front Desk of the library. Reminder: the Wilson Dental Library reserves the right to refuse access to the rooms.

Guidelines and Restrictions

  • One booking per day
  • Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC students, faculty, staff only
  • Reservations are held for 15 minutes and then forfeited
  • Reservations may be over-ridden at the discretion of Wilson staff
  • Use of the room may be renewed if no other request has been made
  • Materials left in unoccupied rooms may be removed at the discretion of library staff
  • Priorities for use
    1. Ostrow School of Dentistry arranged tutorials
    2. Groups of 4-8 people with multimedia materials
    3. Groups of 2-4 people with multimedia materials
    4. Individuals with multimedia materials
    5. Groups
    6. Individuals
  • Snacks, covered drinks are allowed; meals (consult library staff if uncertain as to what is considered a meal) are not allowed anywhere in the Wilson Dental Library
  • Paper/clinic gowns are not permitted anywhere in the Wilson Dental Library

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