New! Subject Guides @ WDL

There is a new resource through the Wilson Dental Library called:

Subject Guides (You can also locate Subject Guides on the right-hand side of the homepage under “Guides and Tutorials”)

So what are Subject Guides? They are guides that highlight the most used resources for a specific subject.  For instance – the Endodontics Guide includes a short list of selected/most used book titles in Endodontics, links to popular E-books, E-journals, RSS feeds to journals, MEDLINE search tips, Images, Associations, and a Chat box if you need to ask an immediate question.  (Don’t hesitate to use the chat box  – we are logged in during normal business hours.)

So far – we’ve created over 10 guides with many more to come:

Anatomy, Histology, Physiology
Dental Hygiene
Guides on various specialties: Prosthodontics, Pedodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics
Incoming Students Guide
Evidence-Based Dentistry
Ethics and Professionalism
Images for Dentistry
Mobile Devices

Subject Guides are an on-going project, new guides are on the way and current guides can be modified easily.  

New guide announcements will be made via the New Books @ Wilson Dental Library e-mail and through our Facebook page. If you have suggestions or comments please feel free to contact the Reference Librarian OR you can easily add a comment to a page.

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